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What You Ought to Know About Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Depression is a chronic disorder, which results in chronic sadness and mood fluctuations. Dealing with depression is not easy. After you have been diagnosed with depression, you will have to find an effective depression treatment, which will suit your needs and help you to deal with depression symptoms. Nowadays, there are many types of depression treatments you can choose from. Transactional Magnetic Stimulation is an effective depression treatment, which you can consider. This article will explain important things you ought to know about this treatment.

How TMS Works

This treatment approach is not invasive. Hence, when you choose this treatment procedure, you will not need to undergo any surgical operation. If you suffer from depression, the right side of your brain will be more active than the left side. Generally, the right side of the brain triggers the generation of bad emotions. Consequently, when the right side becomes active, it facilitates the generation of many negative emotions. The left side of the brain is responsible for generating positive emotions. If you decide to undergo this treatment approach, your doctor will place a strong magnetic coil at the left side of your brain. Once the coil is placed on the left side of the brain, it helps to increase brain activity. Thus, triggering the generation of positive emotions, which gradually help to do away with symptoms of depression.

The Risks Involved

This depression treatment approach does not have adverse effects. There are certain patients that, however, experience some minor side effects. Some of the minor side effects, you may encounter include mild headaches, and discomfort. If the discomfort and headaches last for a long duration you should seek immediate medical assistance.Patients that choose medical practitioners that are not qualified to carry out this treatment approach, are likely to experience adverse side effects such as constant seizures.If you decide to undergo this depression treatment procedure, you will need to look for competent medical practitioners that have the skills and knowledge needed to carry out this treatment approach.

The Duration Taken

Compared to other depression treatment techniques, this treatment technique does not last for a long duration. Typically, each session can last for about 20 minutes. The number of sessions you will have to undergo will be determined by the extent of your depression. Normally, doctors recommend sessions that take about 6 weeks. To ascertain the sessions you will need, you should consult a competent doctor. After conducting thorough examinations, the doctor you consult will be in a position to tell you the exact number of sessions you will require.

When you use this treatment approach, you will not experience severe effects, use up a lot of time, or undergo any surgical operations.

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